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Last updated on Sep. 22, 2016

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ViewPh12 - 1 Edgewater DrToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$2,710,00036
View#6407 - 10 York StToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$1,835,00023
View#6402 - 10 York StToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$1,288,00023
View#4803 - 10 York StToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$880,00022
View#915 - 80 Vanauley StToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$837,00023
View#315 - 80 Vanauley StToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$748,00033
View#302 - 2121 Lake Shore Blvd WToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$498,50022
View#208 - 80 Vanauley StToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$470,00012
View#314 - 101 Erskine AveToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$467,00011
View#1361 - 60 Ann O'reilly RdToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$423,00022
View#2613 - 101 Erskine AveToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$407,00021
View#1501 - 7 Mabelle AveToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$405,00032
View#1219 - 9 Mabelle AveToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$403,50022
View#243 - 15 Merchants WharfToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$401,50012
View#302 - 38 Cameron StToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$387,00011
View#2402 - 7 Mabelle AveToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$378,50022
View#3022 - 275 Village Green SqToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$366,50022
View#622 - 2 Eva RdToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$327,00022
View#4003 - 7 Mabelle AveToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$309,00011
View#265 - 60 Ann O'reilly RdToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$306,00021
View#515 - 275 Village Green SqToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$304,00022
View#1821 - 275 Village Green SqToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$254,50011
View#3017 - 275 Village Green SqToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$244,50011
View#708A - 7 Mabelle AveToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$223,500 1
View#1123 - 9 Mabelle AveToronto (Tor)SaleCondo Apt$218,500 1
View#907 - 5 St. Joseph StToronto (Tor)LeaseCondo Apt$2,60022
View#1012 - 123 Eglinton Ave EToronto (Tor)LeaseCondo Apt$1,99511
View#709 - 330 Burnhamthorpe Road WMississauga (Pee)LeaseCondo Apt$1,95022
Sep. 22, 2016 18:23:23 BR=Bed Rooms, BATH=Bath Rooms